Image-Based Electronic Signatures

Whether you simply need to sign and return a document, or whether you need a full document execution service for your business, Vignature can help. Our e-signature products help you save time and money by eliminating paper processes. All of our products use camera functionality to capture an image of the signer, creating a legal and verifiable signature.

Image-based Electronic Signatures

Do you need to sign a document?

There’s no need to bother with a printer, fax machine, scanner, or mail courier. Just sign and send the document from your smartphone or computer with SimplySign by Vignature. It is as easy as posing for a photograph.

Do you need an e-signature service?

If your business is tasked with getting signatures on contracts or applications, Vignature for Business (SaaS) can expedite the process. Our electronic signature service cuts the cost and time associated with paper processes.

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